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The company website, product catalogs, advertising the new revision ...
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After months of busy, with the market planning department is dominant, all departments in the company, and partners to create easy China assist energetically below, the company website, product album has recently completed construction and revision. To carry forward the spirit of given, showing the charm. Website, product album publicity of the new upgrade for customers and employees to show the new features, new brilliant.

Company website: a new image, highlight the connotation of enterprise; new features, more convenient and clear.


See" CNNET"design after the revision of the webpage, the topic page "build Shenzhen bag processing leader" for the point, will be the most incisive strength display. The design of fresh and natural, generous style into a stable industry.

As to the audience to bring better visual experience, are easily create Chinese design site abandoned the original low resolution browsing pattern, uniform replacement for widescreen mode, more fresh, stick out a mile. From a practical perspective, the new site has added many new functions and modules of the application, make it more clear, intuitive understanding of the handbag