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Environmental protection shopping bag, who is the most environmentally friendly?

In 2008 Shanghai shopping bags, packaging bags exhibition, show a large number of environmental protection shopping bag. A superb collection of beautiful things on the shopping bag, which has the most environmentally friendly? We are following on the emerging market of all types of environmental protection bag comprehensive analysis.

Plastic shopping bags

According to the state of "plastic limit order" on the plastic bag standards, the plastic shopping bag is divided into three types, namely, ordinary plastic shopping bags, biodegradable plastic shopping bags, plastic shopping bags. Among them, only the degradable plastic bags is environmental protection bag, divided into photodegradation and biodegradation of two.

The ordinary plastic shopping bags: using polyolefin and filler as raw materials, the plastic shopping bag has no performance degradation, abandoned in the field will not degrade. This kind of plastic shopping bag has excellent recyclable, can be repeatedly recycled. Recycling material performance is slightly reduced in different degree, but can be used in the production of performance requirements is not high, not strict requirements of color shopping bags and garbage bags. The key problem is whether recycling back problems.

The plastic shopping bag: this kind of shopping bag with modified starch as the main raw material, adding a small amount of other biodegradable materials in order to improve its performance. The use of plastic shopping bags left in the field after natural degradation. Because the starch based plastic shopping bags with starch as the main raw materials, and the source of starch in food, because of the soaring food prices, countries have banned consumption of food to carry out industrial project, so this kind of product 's future.

The biodegradable plastic shopping bags: these shopping bags in order to fully biodegradable plastic as raw materials to produce, with full degradation performance. Products are abandoned in the field can be completely decomposed into small molecular microbiology, no environmental pollution, the overseas promotion of such plastic shopping bags.

To sum up, to" environmental protection shopping bag" definition, popular is the shopping bag material from raw materials to processing and manufacturing process has no pollution to the environment, the product can be used circularly, and eventually discarded after easily under natural conditions decomposition or can not pollute environment shopping bag. As for the environmental protection shopping bag choice, should first of all from the making material consideration, these materials include: paper, cotton, silk, woven, degradable plastics and so on; secondly, consider price, if the price is too expensive, and the use of a hundred yuan a bag to go to the supermarket to buy some seafood products, the there is no point value; in addition, also consider the actual needs, if this kind of shopping bags and cheap, buy one on a few, that is in itself a waste, but what about a green one?